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Moscow band Jazzlobster formed in 1993 and starting from 1994 began doing shows all over the city.

Their appeal on the underground scene grew steadily due to their energized and dedicated live presence. The music relied on syncopated rhythms and curious funk meets post-punk chord progressions, lyrics being more on stream-of-consciousness side. The line-up went through various changes, including a female vocalist and a jazz saxophone player and by 1997 the band was practically defunct. But after recruiting new guitarist and drummer and having original singer back on board, Jazzlobster returned to form.

They revived some old songs and wrote a bunch of new, more melodic and contemporary sounding. Speaking of influences it’s easier to list the bands which songs Jazzlobster usually cover live: dEUS, Bloc Party, King Crimson, Refused, Pink Floyd, Electric Six, Radiohead, Motorhead, The Hives, etc. Still they surely have their own distinctive sound and much-polished skills. No wonder since their collective musical experience range from big-bands to power noise!

The first album from Jazzlobster entitled «Oi Lucky Universe!» is set for release on an independent Moscow record label “Indie-Go!” in November 2006. It will include 14 of the strongest and catchiest tracks written by the band since 1994. So tune it! It’s time to rock lobsta style!