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The Decomposers


Originally the name The Decomposers does not have anything in common with "composers", as well as with "de-composers" the way you may misspell the word when you read it the first time. The Decomposers are organisms that decompose something into parts. (fr. decomposer) 

This is the main sense and the main concept of the band.

We kindly ask you to have it in mind when you deal with The Decomposers and their music in the future.



All coincidences that occurred and lead to the band formation are still nonplussing the musicians themselves. In May 2002 four of the Decomposers': Max, Pavel, Maria and Roman met each other when watching TV in a resting room on the 3rd floor of a hospital. That evening two main things united them. The first one was music - they were watching one of Einstuertzende Neubauten live concerts. The second was rehabilitation program for clinical death survivors they were all taking by that time. That evening they all came up with an idea to create The Decomposers band.


Later in 2003 when the first material was ready the band was joined by other musicians. Now The Decomposers band consists of 9 people:


Pavel - music, lyrics, lead vocals

Max - music, bass guitar, cello

Maria - cello, bass guitar

Roman - guitar

Eugeniy - guitar

Alexander - keyboards

Konstantin - percussion, drums

Vitaly - music,drums

Nadia - vocals, back vocals 



The Decomposers music is of great self-value, emotional, metaphoric and full of sense. It is true and provocative. We are trying to make music that would speak for itself. 


One can long count the bands that somehow influenced the music of The Decomposers. They are: Tom Waits, The Cure, Faith No More, Sisters of Mercy, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Einstuertzende Neubauten, Leonard Cohen, King Crimson and many others. Nevertheless the main idea of the band is not to be like others and even not to create its own style. The main idea is to say what they think and feel but in our songs and music.