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Skafandr is an instrumental trio self defining their music style as metal-dub (a mix of electro- dub, trip-hop, break beat, and alternative metal).

All members of Skafandr began their musical career in different bands of Saint-Petersburg and gathered in the April of 1998. Since then Skafandr concentrated on instrumental music entirely and succeeded. Soundtracks recorded by SKAFANDR were used in popular cartoon-series of animation studio Bos Shop and 6 ½. In winter 2004 a PC - game Stalingradwas released. Music composed by Skafandr to this strategy was highly appreciated by Russian and European mass media (see extracts below). 

But SKAFANDR is not a band only good at studio. SKAFANDRs shows are equally good in small venues and stadium arenas. Their awesome live-performances are known all over Saint-Petersburg. The band gives about 50 concerts a year all over the country: frm Archangelsk to Kaliningrad and are often invited to play in Belarus and Lithuania. Electro-beat trio are always looking for some new ideas and experiments. This resulted in a series of split-works and collaboration with artistic world of Saint-Petersburg. The latest releases are Globalizm, compilation of instrumental bands of SPb, and project Kill voice cd recorded with 13 singers of famous Russian alter bands.



SKAFANDR/TRI KRESTA "Molchanie-Smert/ Silence is Death"
2002 ShSS*
Chaotic indie-rock split-cassette with Moscow's emo influence.
Participants - SKYGRAIN, B'67 est.
*ShSS (Sharapov Sound System) is a Saint-Petersburg DIY hardcore/punk label
Skafandr live-recording was made in Moloko club.


SKAFANDR/THE BLAMED "Vse Budet Zaebis/ Everything's Gonna Be Fucking Great"
2003 Karma Mira*
Split-cassette - Skafandr with American emo/post-hardcore band The Blamed with personal lyrics.
*Karma Mira is a Saint-Petersburg DIY hardcore/punk label


SKAFANDR founded their own record label "Metal Dub Sound System".
 "Metal Dub Sound System" releases:
EP 8-812"/with Anna Stolyarova's vocal/ 2001
EP Navstrechu Solntzu I Svetu/ Towards Sun and Light" 2002
EP "Episode III: Red Liberated Robots March At Planet Mars" 2003


EP "Navstrechu Solntzu I Svetu/ Towards Sun and Light" was reissued by "Caravan Records" in 2002. "Petrodisk" company released CD-compilation "Metal Dub Sound System: Vegetarian Food" in 2003 including such bands as Skafandr, Peaceful Atom, Sensiva.


Mass media:


To its credit, Stalingrad has a great soundtrack courtesy of Russian rock band Skafandr. This makes a welcome break from the tried and trusted military drums that help set the scene to most war games.

Saying that though, we must admit that we did quite enjoy the pumping rock soundtrack, apparently recorded by Russian band Skafandr it made a welcome change to the staid old military music we normally have to sit through, plus it lightens the atmosphere so you can feel as though as though youre kicking some arse with some serious firepower instead of reliving a war that you were extremely lucky not to be involved with in the first place (unless weve got some 90-year-old readers were unaware of).




Anna Stoliarova S.P.O.R.T.

Vera Ogariova Iva Nova (

Ilia Razin Polusa (

Alena Vartomo Praid (

Aleksandr Krasovitskii Animal Jazz (

Igor Mamonov Scang (

Vasia Vasin Kirpichi (

The Blamed